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In Memorium

T. Edward Peiffer

From the Valley Times


Forced into retirement by a heart attack at age 56 on Wake Island, he and his wife moved to Livermore in 1967 and he started a second career utilizing his hobby of photography which he had begun in the 1930s. He became the photographer for the Livermore Chamber of Commerce as well as freelanced for local newspapers. In 1969 he used his cinematography skills to produce the city's Centennial movie "A Century has Passed", with his wife Olga. They were recently featured in the documentary film "Livermore: The Movie" for their work on the Centennial and other community activities.


He always remained interested in aviation and helped a friend, the late Jim Nissen, restore a 1917 Jenny biplane which they flew again in 1978.

Mr. Peiffer's memberships included the OX-5 Pioneer Pilots Association, Quiet Birdmen, Aviation Pioneers Association, the VFW and Livermore Heritage Guild.

T. Edward Pieffer, a native of Iowa and 35 year resident of Livermore died Thursday, May 16, 2002. He was 91. He is survived by his wife of 50 years Olga (Valenta) Pieffer. He was born July 21, in Keota, Iowa.

A pioneer aviator, Mr. Peiffer had a long and distinguished career as a commercial aviation pilot. He began flying at age 17 by soloing in the World War I Jenny biplane. He barnstormed all over Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas for a few years. Later he became a flight instructor at the University of Iowa at Iowa City in the Civilian Pilot Training Program. Over the years he flew not only the biplanes, but commercial airliners and even an ultralight most recently. He came to California in 1940 with Cal-Aero to train Royal Air Force (RAF) pilots before and during World War II as well as American cadets. He later joined the Army Air Corps and piloted P-63, P-51, B-25, C-47 and C-54 military aircraft. After discharge in December 1946, he began his commercial career with the Flying Tigers. Next he flew for Transocean Air Lines, Japan Airlines, and Capital Airways. During his career he logged some 25,000 air hours and landed in 47 countries.

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