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"Organized by a handful of maverick aviators with more dreams than money in their pockets,  Transocean Air Lines became the largest supplemental air carrier in the world, employing at its peak over 6,700 workers at some 57 bases around the globe."

Folded Wings, A History of Transocean Air Lines by Arue Szura

Learn More about the history of Transocean Air Lines below

Destined to Fly

The Birth of Transocean Air Lines

The Trust Territory

Transocean Air Lines Officials

TAL: The First Airlines Conglomerate

Around the World with Transocean

Transocean Aircraft Accidents

ONAT: First a Dream, now an Airlines

Accomplishments of Transocean

Flying "Anything, Anywhere, Anytime"

Transocean Air Line Facilities

ONAT Originals: March 1946

Aircraft Operated by Transocean

The End of a Golden Era

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