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Transocean Air Lines has been featured in books and movies from 1948 to 2006



Island in the Sky

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High & the Mighty

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Folded Wings: A History of Transocecean Air Lines

By Arue Szura


From Another Island

By  Sherry Waterman

Stack of Books

By Dead Reckoning

By Ralph Lewis


Rebels and Reformers of the Airways

By R.E.G. Davies


TAL 1946-1960: A Rememberance

Edited by Arue Szura

Stack of Books

Forgotten Flights Non-Scheduled &Specialty Airlines of the United States 1945-1978

By John T. Corpening

Stack of Books

The Story of an Unusual Airline

By Richard Thruelsen

Stack of Books
Mags and News

Magazines & Newspapers

Flying Handyman

Times Magazine

November 22, 1948

Orvis Nelson of Transocean Air Lines

Fortnight, The News Magazine of California

February 3, 1950

Vol. 8, No. 3 [NO FILE]

Irish Air Letter, The Monthly Journal of Current & Historical Irish Aviation

Irish Aviation News

July 2009

No,. 415

Daring Young Men of Transocean [pt.1]

The Saturday Evening Post

August 2, 1952

Transocean: Air & Ground Specialists

The Martin Star

November 1951

When Commercial Flying Soared, The Glory Days of Flying with Transocean Air

San Jose Mercury News

July 12, 1989

Daring Young Men of Transocean [pt. 2]

The Saturday Evening Post

August 9, 1952

"Sky Gypsies" The Transocean Airline Story

American Aviation Historical Society

Fall 2003 [NO FILE]

Vol. 48, No. 3, pg 175-182

Pilots' Wartime Idea Clicks

Business Week

August 14, 1948

Daring Young Men of Transocean [pt. 3]

The Saturday Evening Post

August 16, 1952

Wings Over Hollywood: Making of the High and Mighty


January 2006 [NO FILE]

Flying Fats Domino

Flying Fats Domino

Two of Transocean's Convair 240s were leased to fly the eighty performers of "The Show of Stars of 1952" to some fourteen one-night stands in the U.S. and Canada. Captains Ed Landwehr and Joe Goeller were with the group for three weeks, with Landwehr flying most of the troupe, and Goeller the musical instruments and some of the passengers. But the first flight left Memphis en route to Kansas City, Kansas, without Fats Domino (early rock n roll performer, who didn't like to fly and drove his white Cadillac to Kansas City).  Once there, however, he was convinced by the other performers that flying with Transocean was "the greatest," and got aboard Landwehr's plane for the .next leg of the journey. Fats became a believer. He was so thrilled with flying that he decided to buy a Convair for himself and his group. He asked Landwehr if he'd be his private pilot, but Landwehr declined, preferring to remain with the airline.

For a while, Transocean became a flying billboard for the Domino group. The titles of some Fats' most popular songs were painted on the nose of Captain Landwehr's plane, "I'm Walkin'," "Honky Tonk," "Yes, Indeed!," "Blueberry Hill," and other song titles greeted the thousands of teenagers who met the aircraft at every stop on the journey.


Charter flight to Truth or Consequences, Eve Clark, Rip Masters, Martha Jane Ekstrand. May 1957


Oakland Aviation Museum

Located on one of the world's most historic airfields. Former home of Boeing Air Transport, Pacific Air Transport, , Boeing School of Aeronautics, Transocean, World, and Transamerica Airlines, Oakland Naval Reserve Air Station, US Marine Corps and Army Air Corps Reserve Units.   Departure and arrival point for many historic flights including Hegenberger and Maitland, Smith and Bronte, the Dole Races, Kingsford Smith and crew and Amelia Earhart.  Currently a very active airfield with private, business, and commercial propeller and jet aircraft including helicopters and blimps.

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