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Transocean Air Lines Facilities

OAKLAND General offices, hangars, maintenance, overhaul shop, ticket and traffic offices,
101,161 square feet

SEATTLE Offices, hangar and maintenance shops, 240,000 square feet

LOS ANGELES Offices and terminal space, 1,320 square feet

HONOLULU Offices, hangar, maintenance shops, ticket office, traffic office, dispatch office,
38,000 square feet

WAKE ISLAND Offices, maintenance shops, dining room, living accommodations and
recreational facilities, approximately 81,000 square feet

GUAM Offices, maintenance shops, ticket, traffic and dispatch offices, and terminal building,
7,800 square feet

OKINAWA District sales and traffic office, 300 square feet

TOKYO Regional sales office and liason office for Japan Air Lines and Japan Maintenance
Company contracts

NEW YORK Regional sales and traffic office

SOUTH CAROLINA Office and overhaul facility in Charleston

NEW JERSEY Office and overhaul facility at McGuire Air Force Base

In addition, offices were maintained at Gander, Shannon, Frankfurt, Geneva, Beirut, Amman,
Teheran, Rome, San Diego, Panama City, Washington, D.C., Dayton, Teterboro, Jacksonville,
London, Paris, Madrid, Copenhagen, Munich, Asmara, Dijbouti, Abadan, Kabul, Baghdad,
Shanghai, Hong Kong, Manila, and Tel Aviv.

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